How Does CRUKS Promote Responsible Gambling in The Netherlands?

The general perception surrounding so called vices such as gambling is that they should be enjoyed in moderation for the most part. A big part of the reason why that is the case has to do with the fact that moderation enables you to enjoy such activities without allowing them to control your life to any considerable degree. However, it bears mentioning that gambling can be notorious for hijacking the reward center of your brain in some way, shape or form, thereby making it a risky thing to allow at any given point in time.

It is therefore strongly recommended that you kruks uitschrijven at the first opportunity that presents itself to you. Gokverslaving is een serieus probleem dat steeds meer mensen treft. Het kan leiden tot financiƫle problemen, relatieproblemen en zelfs tot psychische aandoeningen. Het is dan ook niet verwonderlijk dat steeds meer instanties op zoek zijn naar oplossingen om gokverslaving te voorkomen en te behandelen. Een van de oplossingen die momenteel in Nederland wordt onderzocht, is het CRUKS-register.

Registering for CRUKS will make it downright impossible for you to get any kind of access to gambling platforms within the national borders of the Netherlands. What’s more is that you will no longer be facing the pressures that can come in your personal life due to crippling gambling habits, something that can most definitely help push society in a much more positive direction than the one it is headed in right now.


The existence of CRUKS also gives spouses of gambling addicts the opportunity to make some headway in that respect. If your significant other is refusing to get the help that they need for their behavioral issues, it is up to you to convince them that registering for CRUKS is the best way to move forward.

The notion that you can nurse a gambling addiction by practicing moderation has absolutely no bearing on how things tend to work out here in the real world. The only real way to avoid the addiction is to keep your distance from gambling in general.